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Why I’d do my wedding differently

I know what you’re thinking – “woah there – what do you mean you’d do it differently? You got married – you spent time planning the whole thing – it was perfect, right?!”.

Well….don’t get me wrong, I love my husband. We had a great wedding day and our relationship has gone from strength to strength over the years, but yes…if we were to have our wedding ceremony all over again, things would be different.

So, let me tell you what I’d change and why…

Location – Now, I’ve actually been married twice – the first time in a church, the second time in a Register Office. So why would I change either of those? Well, with hindsight, I can see that my connection to the church was more nostalgic, safe and familiar, rather than for religious reasons (I’d grown up being part of a church going community and a church wedding seemed like the natural thing to do, but really, I had long since chosen my spiritual path and a religious setting just wasn’t right for me. And the register office wedding? My husband and I picked that, just because we wanted a small wedding, not a huge ‘fuss’ and to keep it low key…and because we didn’t realise there was any alternative! If we were doing it again tomorrow, we may still keep it low key, but we’d choose a much more personal location such as our back garden, or find a lovely countryside setting – like a barn or in the woods. Being in one of those places would allow us to have a connection to nature – something that is really important to both of us.

Our Story – How amazing would it have been to have our ceremony really reflect our personalities and tell the tale of our lives up to that point? With both types of ceremony I experienced, there was no room for anything other than the very rigid set of words that we had to say. yes we had a reading and some music that we chose, but it could have been so much more than that. And with a celebrant, not only could we have had this, but we could have also incorporated something like a snad ceremony or candle ceremony (both of which are actions you can create to symbolise your joining together as a couple).

Remembering others – There were, inevitably, special people in both our lives that had passed away long before the wedding day. But those people were no less important to us. It would have been great to be able to acknowledge and remember them in some small way, so they were part of our official joining together as a married couple. This could have happened, if we’d had a Celebrant led ceremony.

So, if my husband and I were to have our wedding ceremony all over again, I would have a Celebrant led ceremony, so that we could have a truly authentic experience that allowed us to feel connected – to each other, and to the people and places that mean so much to us.

Your ceremony is YOURS…

…it should be completely authentic and absolutely perfect for you. So anything that I can do to help with that authenticity and perfect ceremony, I’ve got you.

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