Traditions had to start somewhere…but what do they mean?

Acknowledging Loss & Moving Towards Peace…after Baby Loss

As I write, we are coming to the end of Baby Loss Awareness Week #BLAW. Baby loss affects many women and their partners – thousands every single day. You are not alone if you are going through, or have previously experienced baby loss. And however you are feeling right now is OK….

How to Create a Sustainable and Unique Ceremony

There are lots of things you can do that can impact your ceremony; think secondhand, vintage and unique pieces, bringing that extra special something to your ceremony (who wants to go into a shop and buy exactly what everyone else can buy, when you could have something that is unique and special?!).

How to have a Covid Safe-r ceremony

This week I’m talking about….the dreaded Covid. Hang on… don’t run for the hills just yet! …we need to find a way to live with it and do the best we can to get on with our lives, have fun, have our ceremonies, get together with our loved ones, and do it in as safe a way as possible. 

Acknowledging Loss

Something that I wanted to create a tradition for, in my own life was related to the baby I lost during pregnancy. I longed to have some kind of ceremony to mark this ‘event’ in my life – to honour, acknowledge and say goodbye to my baby, even though I had never seen or held […]

The Wedding ‘Breakfast’

Why on earth is the big meal after your wedding called a Wedding ‘breakfast’? – it’s usually in the afternoon or evening, right? Well, not that long ago (around 1830), it was actually customary to be married fairly early in the morning, following Church Mass, with the meal afterwards literally being breakfast! It was the […]

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