Namings & Family Ceremonies

Congratulations, your family has grown!…and that deserves to be celebrated in your own unique way…Let’s create a beautiful, magical ceremony to celebrate your growing family love in an authentic way.


Namings & Families

Whether you have a new-born baby or older child(ren), what better way to officially welcome them into your family and wider community than with a perfectly authentic Naming Ceremony. 

Your beautiful child(ren) deserves a beautiful occasion to bestow their given name on them and demonstrate the love that surrounds them. Together we can create your own beautiful and authentic tradition to celebrate your child(ren)


Do you and your partner have families from previous relationships? Would you like to celebrate and affirm your families coming together as one? Then this is the ceremony for you! 

Celebrate the bonds of love and commitment between you with a beautiful and meaningful ceremony  – the perfect foundation to look forward to your future together, with hope and happiness.

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How would you like to feel?

With a celebrant led-ceremony you can be as traditional, or non-traditional; religious or non-religious as you wish! You’ve probably got an idea of how many people you’ll be inviting and what kind of feeling you want to evoke – maybe you want to keep things sweet and simple, or maybe you’d like to get the children and guests really involved. It’s all possible….we can embrace your creative ideas or keep it more down to earth – in any case, it’ll be joyful and an expression of your family values.

You might be wondering how you’re going to plan all of this whilst juggling family life too – don’t worry, I’ll be your supporter and guide, as well as your Celebrant. We’ll bring your vision to life and I’ll guide you through your options, with you every step of the way from concepts, themes and ideas to experiencing it all come to life on the day.

Home or Away?

Whether your perfect ceremony location is your own back garden or somewhere close to home that will accommodate everyone you want to invite,  choose the location that suits you! If there’s space for everyone to be together, we can hold a ceremony there.

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What happens, when?


Chat – We’ll have an initial consultation via video call or phone


Book – We’ll get your date booked in the diary and complete the paperwork

Getting to Know You – We’ll meet to start planning the perfect ceremony for you and your child(ren)

Ceremony Preparation

Ceremony Preparation – well co-create your magical ceremony and I’ll draw everything together with beautiful words.

The Most Beautiful Welcome! – I’ll professionally deliver your ceremony on the day, with love and authenticity; and you’ll have the most joyous day

Happily every after

Happy Family – You’ll receive a printed certificate and a keepsake ceremony script delivered to your door afterwards

Throughout the process, if you need support, I can help with choosing readings & music;  suggestions for extra details; and answer any questions you may have

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Investment for your unique celebration

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Frequently Asked Questions

No doubt, you’ll have lots of questions running through your mind – here are some of the most common ones I’m asked, but if you’re still wondering about something, don’t hesitate to ask

I have more than one child I want to be ‘named’ – is that possible?

Yes, absolutely –  we can include more than one child in a naming ceremony, no problem.

We’re a large blended family, can a family commitment ceremony work for us?

Yes! We can include all the immediate members of your new family. We can create something that’s just right for you and your circumstances – whether that’s choosing to have everyone actively participate, or keeping it more low key.

Where can the ceremony take place?

A Celebrant-led ceremony can take place anywhere (with the building/land owner’s permission of course). So, be it your own back garden, a farmyard, in your local village hall, a county manor house, or in  the middle of a field – if there’s space to safely accommodate everyone, we can hold a ceremony there. I’m equally happy in a pair of high heels, a I am in wellies or barefoot, so pick the location that suits you.

What’s a ceremony ritual?

Ceremony rituals are all about creating depth and meaning to your ceremony. 

We’re probably all aware of the ‘exchange of rings’  in  a traditional wedding ceremony…and this is a great example of a ‘ceremony ritual’. If you’re thinking of having a family commitment ceremony, you and your partner may choose to include something like this for the two of you. 

For a naming ceremony, sand pouring is an excellent example of a ritual to symbolise the flourishing of a new life – which can be adapted to include multiple guests, if desired.  There’s lots of rituals to explore and we’ll find the right fit for you. You might decide to create your very own new, authentic tradition. Whatever you choose to include, it’s the words used to accompany them that give the extra level of depth and meaning – words that will be written specifically for you.

Can I include religious readings and/or rituals from different cultures in the ceremony?

It’s always important to understand where traditions and rituals come from and the meaning behind them to ensure they are appropriate for the feeling and sentiment that you want to convey. Rituals/readings are absolutely an option – especially if they have special significance in your own heritage and culture.

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