Quick Guide to Handfasting – What is it?

Handfasting (or hand tying/joining of hands) is a gorgeous way to symbolise a couple coming together. It can be used in wedding ceremonies, commitment ceremonies or even renewal of vows ceremonies.

A potted history

The short story is that Handfasting is an ancient pagen tradition that was originally used to symbolise that two people were betrothed (aka engaged) to each other. The tying of the cords around the couples hands and wrists literally joining them together. And this is where the phrase ‘tying the knot’ comes from. 

How does it work?

A full handfasting can be a deep spiritual experience, but many couples choose to have a simpler hand tying ritual, whilst still keeping the meaning behind the actions.

Cords, ribbons or cloth can be used and can be simply draped over your hands, or used to tie them together. You can use your favourite colours (or colours that have particular meaning – see previous blog on the meaning of colour) and you can use your preferred materials (ribbon, cord, cloth) – maybe material from your grandmother’s wedding dress, or brand new ribbons from your favourite fabric shop . 

The ritual can be performed  with just you two and your celebrant, or it can include other special people in your life (even ALL your assembled guests, if you want to!).

Your ceremony is YOURS…

…it should be completely authentic and absolutely perfect for you. So anything that I can do to help with that authenticity and perfect ceremony, I’v got you.

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