Weddings & Vow Renewals

Whether you’re looking for a touch of the spiritual or something more traditional, let’s take a simple approach to creating your beautiful, meaningful ceremony experience.

Allow me to be your supporter, guide and Celebrant on a soulful journey to creating a ceremony that celebrates your love, connection and authentic selves.


Congratulations! You’ve found ‘the one’ – your soulmate, best friend, a true partner in life…and that deserves to be celebrated in your own unique way, in a ceremony that evokes all the emotion, meaning and magic of your love connection.

Vow Renewals

Whether you’re celebrating a special anniversary; honouring your the importance of your partnership; or simply desire  the type of ceremony you wish you’d had, a vow renewal is the perfect way to celebrate the joy in your beautiful bond.

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Welcome to a Celebration crafted just for you

I can tell you’re interested in creating something soulful, authentic and beautiful, because you’re already here reading this!

Maybe you’d like a traditional mix of rituals in your ceremony…we can honour the power of knowledge, the beauty of tradition, and the wisdom that comes with meaningful moments. 

Maybe you’d love to immerse yourself in a ceremony that is as unique as your bond, designed to spark creativity – bringing a blank canvas to life in a true expression of your love story.

Whatever your dream, together we’ll create a ceremony that infuses your day with a sense of meaning; curating an experience that is as unique and rich as your love. 

Let me guide you through a ceremony that reflects the depth of your connection, celebrating the journey that brought you to this moment. 

How will my ceremony feel?

Your ceremony will evoke all the magical emotion you desire, and to help with that, here are some ideas you may choose to embrace:

Symbolic Rituals: ceremonies can include meaningful rituals that add depth and significance to your celebration, such as a ‘sand ceremony’, ‘loving cup’ ritual, a simple hand tying, or a full, spiritual handfasting.

Heartfelt Expression: saying how you really feel about one another can be a powerful thing. As poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson once said “Words, like nature…reveal…the soul within.”

Time-Honoured Traditions: blend old traditions such as the exchange of rings or making promises to each other with a modern twist, creating your very own tradition.

Nature in mind: not just about being sustainable, nature is all around us – the air that we breathe, the water we drink, the earth on which we stand. If your connection to the natural world is important to you, we can incorporate this too.  

Authentically you: both of you are the most important part of your celebration, which will be a magical, memorable and beautiful experience – because it will reflect your individuality.

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Am I the best Celebrant for you?

As your guide, supporter and Celebrant, I’ll help you to unveil the magic of your perfect, soulful celebration.

An open mind: Authenticity, spirituality, beliefs and what we value in life can mean different things to all of us. I’ll always listen to your ideas and wishes with an open heart and mind.

Expertise you can trust: Along with my skills and expertise gained from having officiated 100s of ceremonies, I bring a natural calmness and genuine care to empowering you in expressing yourself freely through ceremony.

Personalised Service: From the first meeting to the final vow, I’ll be supporting you to bring your dream ceremony to fruition.

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What were other people’s ceremony experiences like, with The Authentic Celebrant?

What happens, when?


Chat – We’ll have a discovery call to explore your plans and if working with me as your celebrant will be the best fit for you both.


Book – We’ll get your date booked in the diary and I’ll share with you some resources to get you started on our co-creative journey.

Meet – We’ll meet to explore further, what your magical ceremony will include and how we can use your chosen location.

Ceremony Preparation

Ceremony Preparation – You’ll have access to a range of resources to spark your creativity and based on your dreams, I’ll draw together a beautiful ceremony that reflects your authentic selves.

Happily every after

The Best Day of Your Lives! – I’ll professionally deliver your ceremony on the day, with love and authenticity; and you’ll be immersed in the ceremony of your dreams!

Throughout the process, I’ll be your guide and supporter on this journey to a beautiful ceremony, to celebrate your love, connection and authentic selves.

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Investment for your unique celebration

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Frequently Asked Questions

No doubt, you’ll have lots of thoughts running through your mind – here are some of the most common things people ask, but if you’re still wondering about something, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Can a celebrant legally marry you?

I wish I could say ‘yes’, but alas I can’t. Celebrants cannot currently perform legally binding marriages in England & Wales, so couples are required to separate their legal registration of marriage or civil partnership from their celebrant ceremony. Think of it in a similar way to registering a baby’s birth and then having a Christening or Naming Ceremony to celebrate them. The same principle applies – you can have the ceremony of your dreams, but you will need to visit you local Register Office, to be legally married.

This can be a simple, statutory ceremony at a cost of around £57 although costs and procedures differ between registration districts. And as a former Registrar, I can support and guide you through that process.

Can you get married anywhere with a Celebrant?

Yes – a Celebrant-led ceremony can take place anywhere (with the building/land owner’s permission of course). If your dream ceremony location doesn’t have a Licence, that doesn’t mean you should let it pass you by. With a Celebrant-led ceremony there is no licence required.  Whether your perfect location is a country house hotel or the middle of a Wood; the beach or your own back garden – I’m equally happy in a pair of Ruby Shoo high heels as I am in wellies or barefoot – choose the location that suits you!

What does a Celebrant say at a Wedding?

No two ceremonies are the same, that’s for sure. The format can be as traditional or non-traditional as you like and based on your story, your dreams and your individuality, we’ll co-create a magical ceremony that is authentically you. You can speak as little or as much as you desire, and I’ll say the words that tie everything together. 

How long is a Celebrant wedding ceremony?

This is very much a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. Typically, ceremonies are usually up to around 45 minutes long but this depends on how many rituals and actions are included, if you have readings and/or music during the ceremony, how much or how little you’d like to say to each other, and how much or how little you’d like others to participate in the ceremony. In reality, the ceremony can be as short or as long as you would like.

Can I include religious music or readings in the ceremony, or traditions from different cultures?

It’s always important to understand where traditions and rituals come from and the meaning behind them to ensure they are appropriate for the feeling and sentiment that you want to evoke. Religious readings and/or rituals from different cultures are absolutely an option – especially if they have special significance in your own heritage and culture.

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