Why have a ceremony?

Why on earth would you have any kind of ceremony? Let’s shine a beautiful light on the very essence of what it means to hold ‘ceremony’ and why…

Well, ceremony and ritual have been around since the beginning of human life. It started with the basic human need to believe in a greater power and therefore ceremony was a way of honouring and respecting that power. As time went on that ‘power’ turned into religious and spiritual beliefs that unpinned the very essence of human life. And it’s those beliefs led to rituals becoming part of a ceremony – rituals (or sacred rites) to bring people together, delivering healing and spiritual benefits. These rituals then began to be passed down through the generations.

Both ritual and ceremony have often been seen as cathartic and even a rite of passage. Symbolism has always been a key part of rituals too. In ceremonies today, we often see symbolic actions being performed, for example in a wedding ceremony you may have the exchange of rings, lighting of candles or confetti being thrown…all these actions have a meaning and symbolism.

And we’re in good company…our ancestors have always been performing ritual and ceremony of some sort, for all kinds of different reasons. We all know about the ‘traditional’ ceremonies to celebrate marriage, and to acknowledge and honour death… but what life event would you like to celebrate or honour, in your life? Surely, we aren’t restricted to just these two things? Our lives are so much more than that! The arrival of a new baby is often marked by a religious christening, but this isn’t the only option – a Naming Ceremony could be just the thing to do instead. Key friendships are to be celebrated too – maybe you have a best friend or companion that you would like to celebrate your relationship with.  Two families coming together is also a union to be celebrated – not just by Mum and Dad’s relationship with each other, but any children that come with them from previous relationships – everyone one of them coming together to create a new family and bond.

You can create your own ceremonies and rituals that truly reflect your personality and style – for whatever is important in your life – it’s worth celebrating! Look out for further blogs on the different types of ceremonies you could hold…and maybe you’ve got some ideas of your own – let me know what you’re thinking about. Create your own tradition and book your free chat with me – just get in touch and let me know when’s a good time to call.

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