How to Choose Your Celebrant

If you’ve decided to have a celebrant led ceremony (excellent choice, by the way!), or even if you’re a little bit on the fence about whether a celebrant is right for you, let me give you a few of my tips on how to navigate the choices and pick the right Celebrant for you.

Whatever your ceremony is about, you will want the best suppliers and the best people around you to ensure the day runs smoothly and is exactly how you envisioned it. And a Celebrant is not different  – the person conducting your ceremony will be an integral part of your day and you want to make sure that you get the right one for you.

With a Celebrant you have a great opportunity to build a trusting relationship with them way before you get to the ceremony itself. This gives the Celebrant the opportunity to really get to know you and tune into who you are and what your story is, so that they can create a ceremony that is really fitting, beautiful and a reflection of you.

 We are all unique souls and for as many unique couples and families out there, there will be many unique and individual Celebrants too. Some Celebrants will specialise in certain areas such as faith based ceremonies, some will have an emphasis on their particular style or way they like to work.

So, here’s my short and sweet guide to choosing the right Celebrant for you.

Firstly, have a think about which type of Celebrant you want – Faith based (Religious)? Humanist (non-religious)? or Independent (able to accommodate as much or as little religion as you wish)?

Secondly, you will want to go and do a bit of online research. You might want someone who is local to you, so search for ‘celebrant near me’; there are some great websites available that list celebrants by location and service, such as The Association of Independent Celebrants.

Thirdly, check out the individual Celebrant’s website. See what they are saying about themselves, what services they offer. Although allot of Celebrant will offer the services you might expect e.g. Wedding/Civil Partner celebrations, Namings, Renewal of Vows etc, different Celebrants may offer slightly different options for those ceremonies – maybe things you haven’t thought of yet! Do they have particular packages available? 

Fourth, ENGAGE WITH THE CELEBRANT! Send them an email, pick up the phone or message them on social media – nothing beats being able to have a proper conversation about what you’re looking for. Check their availability for your date, ask them about what they do, ask them if you can have a bit of chat before you go ahead with a booking, if you want to get to know more about what they can offer and whether they’re a good fit for your ceremony.

Good luck with finding a great Celebrant – there is definitely one out there just for you.

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