Why you need a wedding Celebrant in your Life!

So often people think, “ok we’re engaged, we’re going to get married…”, you think about dates and quite naturally you’ll start thinking about where – where are you going to have your wedding?…and very quickly your already falling into the common trap of following the all-too-well trodden path of “we need a licenced venue, and we need a registrar”…end of story, BUT there are ssssoooo many more opportunities that a celebrant can give you!

So, why do you need a wedding celebrant in your life?! Sit back, relax and let me tell you!

You need a celebrant to conduct your wedding ceremony, if you want the freedom of choice of the location of your ceremony – whether your dream location is in the middle of a forest, on a beach, up a mountain, or in your friend’s back garden. You need a celebrant to conduct your wedding ceremony, if you dream of having more than just the standard words spoken at your ceremony – imagine a completely bespoke ceremony where your story is shared – how you met, what’s happened on your journey so far (both as individuals and as a couple).

You need a celebrant to conduct your wedding ceremony, if it would make your day to have all your guests involved in the ceremony (not just bystanders). You need a celebrant to conduct your wedding ceremony, if you wish for a ceremony where the words and actions define and contribute to a beautiful and meaningful experience.

There may be all kinds of things you want from your ceremony and with a celebrant, you can be as traditional or non-traditional as you like, as religious or non-religious as you like…you can have just about anything you really want for your ceremony! 

And you’re so lucky – because now you know that a Celebrant is a possibility! You now know that you do have options other than the standard route of venue, registrar, the end….there are so many things you can do to make your day special and with the support and guidance of a wonderful celebrant you can achieve everything you’ve dreamed of for your ceremony.

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