Moving Towards Peace After Pregnancy Loss Support Programme

7 week, live support programme to enable you to move towards coming to terms with pregnancy loss. Give yourself the gift of time and space to explore how to start moving towards the peace you deserve

“515 babies were miscarried every single day in the UK”

2018 data, from

This is a shocking and huge figure but one that demonstrates you’re not alone. Yet, when you’re the one going through it, we can feel disoriented and lost.

An elderly relative, a partner, a friend – losing anyone we care about can be overwhelming and deeply saddening. Losing a baby during pregnancy – at any stage, is no different.

After pregnancy loss, you may be asking yourself questions such as ‘how can I be grieving for someone I never knew?’, ‘ what did I do wrong?’.  Perhaps you’re feeling impatient to move on: How can I get over this loss? Why haven’t I dealt with this already? How am I supposed to move beyond this?. And along with all the questions are the emotions and feelings – feeling numb, disorientated, lost (and entirely likely a whole lot more).

“I get it – I have been there too”

Helen, The Authentic Celebrant

Believe me, I get it – I have been there too. That is exactly where I was in 2009. And I know that when I lost my baby, the support available was very limited. I longed to try and understand what I had experienced and acknowledge what had happened to me and my baby. I was feeling lost and confused, not knowing what to do with all the emotion I was carrying with me.

Of course, losing a baby at any stage in pregnancy is a horrendous and awful experience to endure. Losing a baby in the first trimester can present some unique challenges – not least the taboo around announcing your pregnancy before 12 weeks. If you were keeping schtum until the required time, but experienced your loss before 12 weeks, it can then feel difficult to talk to anyone about what has happened. Perhaps you didn’t even realise you were pregnant– finding out that you were pregnant, but not anymore – all at once. Dealing with your loss, knowing that no one else even knew your baby existed can be tough. And it’s oftentimes not clear – at all – what to do after the loss or how to acknowledge and mark it; especially if a funeral is not an option.

The physical experience of your loss may have been a trauma in itself – which adds another layer of emotion to the situation. I remember being rushed into hospital, blue lights flashing, undergoing emergency surgery and then being placed on a maternity ward surrounded by pregnant women, immediately after finding out I had lost my baby – it was surreal to say the least (and I would now say, wholly inappropriate). I spent the following few days in a state of shock and bewilderment.

Begin to move towards peace

Fast forward to the present day and I can safely say that although I will absolutely never forget my loss, I can now live with my grief. My life has moved forward positively, whilst always remembering my baby – gone but certainly never forgotten.

Maybe you already have some ideas about how you want to try and move forward and would like support getting clarity on that; or you may be feeling lost and long to sit with your grief, at whatever stage you are at, for just a bit longer. Sometimes the only thing that will do is taking tangible action that reading a book or blog on its own can’t always achieve by itself.

It could be that you feel counselling is the right route for you -but don’t worry if you’re wondering what else is out there. Every woman has their own unique experience of loss and different approaches work for different people. I’m here to support you by providing a safe space, listening ear and suggestions for tangible ways to acknowledge your experience of pregnancy loss. All delivered in a trusted and confidential way. The Moving Towards Peace After Pregnancy Loss support programme will enable you to explore your thoughts and feelings – not counselling, rather support and encouragement to find the best ways for you to begin to move forward.

Developing a way to acknowledge and honour your loss can be a stepping stone to moving through your grief and beginning to reconcile your feelings.  By receiving support in the Moving Towards Peace After Pregnancy Loss programme, you will gift yourself an important stepping stone in moving through your grief. And the best bit is that this programme be done at any time – whether your loss was two months, two years or twenty years ago.

One thing I’ve learned from my own experiences is that when it comes to grief and loss it’s good to do whatever feels right for you. I read an article once that said of the feeling of despair “allow yourself to feel it…then take action”.  It is my mission to support other women who have experienced Pregnancy loss, like I did.

Moving Towards Peace After Pregnancy Loss Support Programme

7 week, live support programme to enable you to move towards coming to terms with pregnancy loss.

Every woman, her partner and their baby deserves the support and acknowledgement that this programme provides.

I’ll support you in taking important steps forward on your journey of recovery, help you find a way to acknowledge what has happened and come out the other side armed with tips and techniques to sustain you going forward.

Whether you need the room to talk, scream, shout, cry, or just be silent, by choosing this support programme, you are giving yourself the gift of an important stepping stone in moving through your grief. All safe in the knowledge that it will be delivered in a trusted, respectful and confidential way. Gift yourself an important stepping stone in moving through your grief.

  • You’ll be supported in exploring the perfect way for you to acknowledge and honour your baby
  • You can trust in a confidential service at all times
  • Conveniently access our meetings online (or face to face (where Covid safe to do so)
  • You’ll gain access to tips and techniques to help you sustain supporting yourself
  • You’ll have all the resources from the programme at our fingertips to review and use whenever you need them
  • The programme is 7 weeks long, so that you’ll have the time to really explore your options, implement the tips and techniques and find the right path for you to move forward
  • You’ll experience a new sense ease and peace as you use the programme

You will receive a weekly 60-minute support session over the course of 7 weeks, plus additional resources along the way to support you.

What we will cover:

Week 1 – Getting to know you and your story

Every woman experiences her loss in her own way. Share your experience with me and I will support you.

Week 2 – Exploring ways to acknowledge your loss

In what ways could/would you like to acknowledge your loss? Well explore different approaches together.

Week 3 – Supporting yourself through Self Care – The Written Word

Learn how to use reading and writing to help and guide you through your feelings.

Week 4 – Supporting yourself through Self Care – Other Techniques

Gain tips and techniques to support you through your journey to peace

Week 5 – Moving through Grief – Understanding

Any loss we feel, can propel us into grief. Understand how we can begin to understand our emotions though Mindfulness.

Week 6 – Moving towards Peace

Understand how meditation techniques can help and support you.

Week 7 – Thinking differently about how you feel

Every woman’s experience is unique and different, yet you are not alone. We will develop personal strategies for you so that you are ready to face the future with hope.

Ultimately we will work together, at your pace, with the aim of you getting exactly what you need

Helen Hobbs, The Authentic Celebrant
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this programme online or face to face?

This programme can be either or a combination of both. We will meet for 7 weekly sessions of up to 60 minutes.

  • How much of my story and experience do I have to share with you?

The honest answer is: as much or as little as you are comfortable sharing with me. There is absolutely no pressure to share anything about your experience that you would rather not.

Of course, the more you are able to share, the better I will be able to support you, but there is absolutely no pressure to share anything about your experience that you would rather not.

Rest assured that you will receive a confidential and trusted service from me at all times.

  • Will I need to prepare anything to participate in the sessions?

No. All I ask is that you come with an open mind, ready to share and ensure you are in a place that you feel safe and free to talk.

  • Will I have to do any ‘homework’?

No, not if you don’t want to. You will be provided with additional resources that you can read, digest and try out, if you wish. The more you are able to put into the programme the better outcome for you, but there is by no means anything compulsory.

  • My Pregnancy loss was many years ago, can I still access this support programme?

Yes, of course. No matter how long ago your loss was, it is never too late to give yourself the gift of time and space to acknowledge and explore it.

  • Is this 1 to 1 support or part of a group?

This programme is 1 to 1, meaning you will receive truly tailored support throughout the whole 7 weeks.

  • How can you provide a service that is Covid Secure?

All support sessions will be conducted in line with current government guidelines (if that means face to face can’t happen, we’ll just move it online, if we’re not already online). The Authentic Celebrant also has a Covid safe an accreditation, which means you can Trust that we will be delivering all our services in as Covid safe a way as possible.

Still have questions? That’s ok – lets have a coffee and a chat

You are worthy and deserving of support

You can take advantage of this support programme at any time – whether your loss was two months, two years or twenty years ago. Only you will know if this type of support is the right thing for you. If you have resonated with any of the information you have read here, I would say that you will find the opportunity to participate in the programme cathartic and beneficial.

If you decided not to allow yourself this support, what would you do instead, to move towards peace following your loss?

  • Are you tired of feeling the same way every day, unable to move on?
  • Do you struggle to think about what the future looks like?
  • Are you wondering what to do next with how you feel?
  • Do you feel like you are the only one who is thinking about your baby?

Whatever stage you are at in your journey after pregnancy loss, you are worthy and deserving of the support and stepping stone through grief that this programme will bring you.

Imagine how you might feel after the support programme – a level of peace, having been able to acknowledge your loss? Finding some hope for the future?; The sensation that the weight on your shoulders is not quite as heavy as it was before?

It’s my mission to support every woman in moving into a feeling of peace and I understand the significance of bearing a loss like this. Participating in this support programme can provide a mechanism for stepping towards peace and moving beyond your pain, whilst giving your emotions and your baby’s loss the honour and acknowledgement it deserves.

I’m here to guide and support you by providing support that is delivered in a trusted, confidential and understanding way, that will enable you to move towards peace and acknowledge and honour your baby. Gift yourself an important stepping stone in moving through your grief.

Moving Towards Peace After Pregnancy Loss Support

7 week, live support programme to enable you to move towards coming to terms with pregnancy loss.

Book your support programme for £529*

To book your Support Programme:

If you are ready to book your support programme, you can make your purchase via the online shop, after which I will be in contact with you to discuss when you’d like to start.

If you don’t feel quite ready to do that just yet, that’s ok – just get in touch with me and we can chat through any concerns or questions you may have, before you book. Then, we’ll take it from there.

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*Payment plan available, on request