Why connecting with your Celebrant is so important?

We all want to feel connected in some way, don’t we. It’s part of being human and is so important for our mental health and wellbeing. And when we’re going through an important and significant period of our lives – whether good or bad – we want to be able to have that connection with others to support and/or celebrate with us. 

I believe genuine personal connections with my fellow humans is key. So often, we deal with all sorts of faceless companies in our day to day lives with somebody (or even AI) on the end of an email where you’re trying to get something sorted out and you just end up feeling like ‘just another customer’. You never get to meet the person that’s playing a key part in the situation. 

Of course, Covid-19 hasn’t helped with meeting face to face, but we’ve got the technology to help with that, and now it seems that we’re slowly getting back to ‘normal’. And that’s great because connection – being able to actually speak to somebody and get to know them – is really important as it inspires understanding and trust.

We are all unique. We have our own likes and dislikes; things that we’re passionate about,  – whether that’s passionate in a really enthusiastic way or passionately in disagreement with something. And as Clebrant’s, we are just as unique as the individuals, couples and families we serve. And so it’s important that you find the right person to be your celebrant –  to have the right connection, to to make sure that your ceremony is as amazing and beautiful as you are. 

Once you start looking for a Celebrant, it actually turns out there’s quite a few of us! There’s quite a lot of choice out there. Some celebrants specialise in certain types of ceremony; some offer quite broad services; so only offer ceremonies for a certain religion or set of beliefs; some will happily facilitate a mix of religions and faiths. If you’ve got particular thoughts or preferences about how you want your ceremony to look and feel, it’s important to find the right person. 

Connecting with a Celebrant who completely gets and appreciates your outlook on life and that’s really tuned into what you want is liberating. Sure, you could go with the first person that comes up in your internet search, but what if they don’t ‘get’ you and your ideas of your dream ceremony? You could go with Uncle Bob who likes a bit of public speaking now and again, and he knows you well, so that’ll be alright won’t it? Possibly not. You owe it to yourself to find the right celebrant  for you – so you can be sure of a beautifully crafted ceremony that isn’t just a long speech, delivered with love, trust and authenticity. 

As you might have guessed from the name, authenticity is what The Authentic Celebrant is all about. Authenticity is one of my personal values, and it’s equally important to me in the way I run my business. I really value being able to build those trusting relationships and have an opportunity to get to know my clients. It’s a privilege to really understand what you want, what your story is, what your ideas and preferences are, so that we can really work together. Building that trusted and authentic connection really comes into it’s own when you know your Celebrant has your back. If you’ve got that connection, it’ll put your mind at rest, just knowing that everything’s going to be okay.

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